Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Foggy Bottom Spokesmuppet John Kirby on "Death to America" Chants in Iran's Parliament

Ho hum, says the latest spokesmuppet, as if the fact that, in his words, "we've heard those chants before" somehow minimizes them/renders them meaningless. (Today's essay question: John Kirby is this administration's most blitheringly idiotic Foggy Bottom spokesmuppet. Discuss.)

Update: The spokesmuppet sings:
It seems to me I've heard that chant before.
It's from an old familiar bore who chanted it encore, that blowhard.
It's funny how their dream propels them to that scream.
Scream and dream--ho hum, nothing to see.
I know each word because I've heard that chant before.
"Death to America" some more.
Some more won't end our reverie.
So if they chant it again
I will remember just when
I heard that chorus (ignore it) before.

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