Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Canadian "Human Rights" Mausoleum: Money For Nothing and Your Guilt For Free

A full page ad in the front section of the National Post shows a shot of the Canadian "human rights" mausoleum that makes it look more than ever like a be-spiked German army helmet. The message reads:
You made it happen! THANK YOU. Together we have reached our capital campaign goal of $151.5 million!
Thanks to the support of more than 8,2000 donors and volunteers, tens of thousands of visitors and students have already experienced a life-changing journey of education and discovery and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR).
Just imagine what more we can accomplish together. Friends of the CMHR looks forward to continuing to engage our community to support the Museum for years to come.
What we seem to be able to "accomplish together" is to be guilted by mausoleum "friends" into emptying our pockets in a really big way for this overgrown victimhood hat. And since, as Blazing Cat Fur points out, Al Quds Day in Toronto is a far bigger draw than the CMHR (which, according to reports, pulls in a whopping "461 paid visitors a day") it is increasingly difficult to justify ponying up the mega-bucks ($151.5 million?--holy cannoli!) to keep this leech of an enterprise going.

Update: According to the mausoleum "friends" website, one way I can "Be the Change" is if I "Wear a Shine Pin." It costs a mere 25 bucks and looks like this:
Shine Pin
The reason it's shaped like a star is because Izzy Asper, the mausoleum's "founding visionary," once said: “We Canadians have a tendency to reach for the middle. With this museum, we are reaching for the stars.”

Sorry, Izzy. The only thing that's stratospheric about the behemoth you saddled us with is its price tag.

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