Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Real War Criminal Is the UN

With the release of its latest "report," the UN has the blood of Israelis on its hands.

That should be the war crime.

Re the crimes it accuses Israel of: what would the UN have Israel do? Allow its people to be shelled indiscriminately by Hamas? Suck it up and accept massive casualties in Israel when Hamas's holy warriors pour through those no-longer-secret underground tunnels? Not hit back at Hamas in Gaza because Hamas purposefully uses civilians as human shields in order to ensure the maximum number of casualties so Israel will he accused of "war crimes" by the gullible and the Zion-loathing?

Also, the report accuses Israel of inflicting "unprecedented" suffering in Gaza.

"Unprecedented." As in, never in the course of human history has one people suffered so much at the hands of another people.

Such a finding elevates Palestinians yet again to the pinnacle of the victimhood totem pole, and implicitly damns their "victimizers," those blustering, blood-thirsty Jews, for being the worst of the worst (worse than the Nazis, even).

Not surprisingly, that's exactly what the Koran, which is "extensively structured as a polemic against the Jews" (in the words of David Nirenberg), does--calumnize the Jews, those Mo balkers, and accuse them of being Satanic.

The report's hyperbole is yet another example of how, when it comes to Israel and its right to self-defense, the UN is in the grip of its largest voting bloc (57--count 'em, 57--countries), and is therefore incapable of the clear-sightedness that's required for rendering an honest evaluating.

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