Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Justin Trudeau: I'll End ISIS Combat Mission Restore Relations With Iran

Hopey-changey-wise, he's like Barack Obama--only dumber.

Much, much dumber.
(Also--get set for squishy Justin's "transformative" government shafting Israel a la Obama as Canada rejoins the international Zion-loathers' halleluiah chorus.)

Update: Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey says Trudeau's ideas about deploying diplomacy and development (with the like of Iran and ISIS?!?) are "at best naive and at worst dangerous."

Update: Justin sings:

I would not be bombing ISIS;
I'd end that endless crisis.
It wouldn't be a strain.
Then I'd jaw-jaw with the mullahs
Even though they're tryin' to fool us
'Cuz I haven't got a brain.

I would remedy "unfairness"
And hew to fair-and-square-ness
In sunshine and in rain.
And with all the things I'm bringing
All the people will be singing
'Cuz I haven't got a brain.

Oh, I'm that kind of guy--
A clueless buckaroo
Who can think of lots and lots of things to do.
Got my mom's looks--and her brains, too.

Though my hair is kind of floppy,
My thoughts are sort of soppy,
It's not that I'm insane.
It is just that I'm a lefty
And my noggin's not that hefty
'Cuz I haven't got a brain.


Unknown said...

Can they please send Justine as negotiator to ISIS?

scaramouche said...

Great idea! He should make lots of headway with 'em.