Saturday, June 27, 2015

Obama: Gay Marriage Proponents Should ‘Revere Our Deep Commitment to Religious Freedom’

Fat chance, Barry. In the virtuousness utopia, everyone knows how it really works--the left pays lip service to freedom of religion and free speech, all the while demanding that others drop their criticism or face the wrath of society's virtue enforcers, the petty Robespierres of P.C.

Update: Here's a prime example of the "new" normal in the P.C. paradise--Seth MacFarlane quickly deletes his 'unfunny' gay marriage joke on Twitter.

Funny, as we know, is in the ears of the be-hearer. If MacFarlane had any backbone, he would have insisted on his right to be as "unfunny" as he wants to be; heaven knows, it's been working for him so far on his many comedic enterprises, including Family Guy and his newest flick featuring that horny, potty-mouthed teddy bear.

Update: Pat Condell unpacks my "fat chance" remark:

Update: As the White House bathes itself in rainbow colours, more and more U.S. heterosexuals are shunning the old ball and chain (and one has the sense that the Obami and other revelers either don't give a crap or are pleased about that).

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