Sunday, June 28, 2015

"We Stand With Queers In Palestine"

The heavy rain turned yesterday's sparsely-attended Dyke Parade into a sodden mess. But that didn't stop the "proud" Zion-loathers from showing up with their zany signs about "apartheid" in Israel (despite the fact that such antics were supposed to be absent from this year's festivities).

Blogwrath was there to capture it all (h/t: MW), including the above-mentioned message which, I must admit, added some mirth to my morning. (Why stand only with Palestinian queers? Why not also stand with queers in, say, Saudi Arabia and Iran, who are just as imperiled--to be clear, by the draconian punishments of sharia law, not by "apartheid"-mongering Jews? Consider this, anti-"apartheid" dykes: your "standing" with only certain queers and not with others, and standing against Israel, where queers are not only not executed to forced to undergo unwanted sex change surgeries but are actually embraced, speaks volumes about your animus--and your cluelessness.)

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