Friday, June 19, 2015

Pro-Israel Activists in Ireland P.O.'d About American's Anti-BDS Satire

The real news here is: there are pro-Israel activists in Ireland?!? Now, that's shocking.

But back to the outrage:
U.S. journalist Ami Horowitz’s recent video for Fox News highlighting an apparent double standard among certain Irish businesses that boycott Israel over human rights abusers drew the ire of pro-Israel activists in Ireland over its methods.
“Yes it is satire but all people in Ireland saw was an American Jew mocking Irish people and that isn’t helpful in the current situation,” Irish4Israel spokesperson Barry Williams told The Algemeiner. “It was all very low brow.” 
Ami Horowitz, who produced the satire showing certain Irish business being willing to do business with Iran, North Korea or Sudan, but not Israel, “didn’t understand Irish culture,” the group said...
Oh, you mean the "culture" of shafting Israel exclusively? Yeah, that "cultural" practice would be completely opaque to an outsider unless one factored in Ireland's long-standing, endemic Zionhass (which, pace Ireland's pro-Israel activists--how many of 'em are there exactly? like, maybe six?--is utterly transparent).

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