Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Nuttiest Thing I Heard All Day: "Political Correctness Makes Universities Better"

It was uttered on CBC radio, of course. The spin of the opiner, a university prof: Only people who don't like political correctness call it political correctness--a pejorative. Those who like it see it as evidence of lots of positives--empathy, consideration about the harm that be wrought when someone says things that others find hurtful, and, best of all, a sort of "evolution" that has made the university campuses better--much better--than they were before.

Yes, you see it's all about being kinder, nicer, more considerate of others and not at all about who on the university holds all the cards, and all the power, by compelling everyone to bow to their ideas re what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable expression.


Mal said...

And, more importantly, THEM being far more "kinder, nicer and more considerate" than the rest of us inferior conservative-types.

scaramouche said...

For sure, Mal.