Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Song for the Silly Election Season

You can blame this one on Mark Steyn:

Anchor baby, slip a passport under the tree
For me.
Then you'll be doin' your job.
Anchor baby, just wait 'til you're born in the U.S.

Anchor baby, seems CNN's upset by the phrase
For days.
It's "racist" and really mean.
Anchor baby, just 'til you're born in the U.S.

Think of life in Mexico;
Think the U.S.A.'s the only place to go.
Any, hey, a border's just a line.
Your folks'll slip across it and be doin' fine.

Anchor baby, there's just one more thing to note--
Your vote.
No doubt you'll opt Democrat.
Anchor baby, so wait 'til you're born in the U.S. ...

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