Friday, August 28, 2015

Ay Caramba!: Idiot Obama Is Trying to Do Away With the America as the World's "Big Enchilada"

The "Big Enchilada," according to Andrew Bacevitch, a professor at Boston University, is the idea of the U.S.A. being, well,  the big enchilada. David M. Weinberg writes that Obama is doing to utmost to ensure that the nation will become a lesser foodstuff--a baby burrito or a tiny taco, say--and that his nuke deal with Iran is part and parcel of his twisted scheming 'n' dreaming:
Obama rejects this notion [of America as the "Big Enchilada], since he essentially views America's preponderance in world affairs as arrogant and sinful. He feels that American "bullying" has brought about disastrous results.  
Most telling was Obama's infamous lament in 2010 about America as "a dominant military superpower, whether we like it or not." In other words, he really doesn't like it at all. No statement could be more revealing of Obama's disgust for American global leadership. 
In the context of the current deal with Iran, Obama has been equally clear as to how he expects this play out. If successfully implemented, the agreement that slows Iran's nuclear program will also end Iran's isolation. This will allow Tehran, over time, to become a "legitimate" and "extremely successful regional power" and a "powerhouse in the region." These are Obama's own words.  
All this leads, of course, to American retreat -- blessed retreat from Obama's perspective -- from the projection of power in the region. Replacing America will be a revanchist, greatly emboldened, anti-Semitic and genocidal (toward Israel), Islamic Republic of Iran. Poof goes the Big Enchilada.
Poof goes the Big Enchilada, to be replaced almost immediately by the Big Kebab.

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