Saturday, August 29, 2015

Obama Tries to Woo the Jooos By Using the Old "Visceral" V. "Rational" Argument

In a webcast broadcast to U.S. Jewish leadership yesterday, a delusional and hypocritical Obama tried to persuade his audience that, Israel's purportedly overly emotional griping aside, his crappy nuke deal is eminently reasonable. Commentary's Jonathan S. Tobin begs to differ--big time:
Obama adopted a different tone about Iran’s future with a Jewish audience than he usually does. But even though he claimed to have no illusions about Iran, he repeated his dismissal of Iran’s Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as “just a politician,” rather than a tyrannical, anti-Semitic theocrat whose threats at the West and Israel deserve to be taken seriously. While he says he understands Iran, it’s clear his belief in d├ętente with the regime is the key to understanding his acceptance of a weak deal that will let it do as it likes when it expires.
Just as offensive was his attempt to demonstrate understanding of his critics. He called Israeli worries about Iranian threats “visceral” to be contrasted his supposedly purely rational arguments. Though he claimed to want reconciliation, the only thing that came through clearly in this webcast was his arrogance and unwillingness to demonstrate respect for opposing views. It is that quality that caused him never to question his policies even as he made concession after concession to Iran. 
This is a president whose policies have shown that he is obsessed with downgrading the alliance with Israel while reaching out to its most vicious foes...
Viscerally and rationally, it is clear that this deal does heavy lifting for the greatest evil of our time, and Obama is crazy if he can't see that.

Update: Obama’s ‘friends and family’ webcast to Jews falls short of reunion

Really? Seems to me plenty of U.S. Jews still adore him.

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