Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thai Police: The Bangkok Bomber Is No Loner

Thai authorities don't yet know the name of the young man identified as the Bangkok bomber. They are pretty sure, however, that he belongs to some type of "network":
Maj Gen Sukhontapatipak said no motive was being ruled out, but that the bomber did not appear to be Thai and the character of the bombing was "quite different" from previous bombings by Islamist separatists in southern Thailand.
Speaking in a television address on Tuesday evening, Mr Prayuth said the attack showed that Thailand "still has a person or a group of people with hostility to the nation operating actively".
"They may be doing it for a political motive or to undermine the economy or tourism or for other reasons," he said, according to the Bangkok Post. 
Anyone else find it interesting that, while they claim to have no knowledge re his "motive," they are fairly certain he is part of some larger effort? Also intriguing--the Thais seem disinclined to describe him as "a lone wolf" (the knee-jerk/go-to description employed by authorities in North America and other Western nations).

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