Friday, August 21, 2015

Bloviating Local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash 'Splains the Implications of That Nuke Deal

Zion-despising Zafar thinks it's aces (which should give everyone pause for thought):
Beyond the hitches, what the agreement signifies is that the world has been forced to recognize Islamic Iran as a regional power. Its rights to enrich uranium and to carry out research are included in the agreement. Even the American Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that sanctions had little effect on Iran’s economy and that its nuclear program had advanced much further despite them. Any visitor to Tehran would also have confirmed that far from being cowed by sanctions, Islamic Iran has made major strides in virtually all fields. It has not been brought to its knees as were countries like Libya and Iraq.

So the question we must ask is: how has Islamic Iran withstood these pressures when others buckled? The first and foremost point is that Iran has muttaqi leadership that is not seeking personal or group interest but follows the pristine principles of Islam. Second, the overwhelming majority of masses have been solidly supportive of the Islamic Revolution. When the masses are with the Islamic system, no power can subvert it. By entering into this agreement with Iran, the P5+1 group of countries as well as the European Union have admitted this reality.

The leadership of the Islamic Republic must guard against the greedy powers undermining Iran’s indigenous industries developed under difficult circumstances during sanctions. Local products must be protected even as the Islamic Republic welcomes foreign investment and goods. The greatest danger is in the cultural field: the West’s hedonistic culture must not be allowed to undermine Islamic values in the only Islamic state in the world today, “O you who have made a firm commitment to Allah! If you help [the cause of Allah], He will help you and will make firm your steps…” (47:07).
If Bangash is so concerned about the West's hedonistic culture, what's he doing living here, just north of Toronto? I am sure there are more who'd be willing to take up a collection to buy him a plane ticket so he could leave this wicked place and take up permanent residency in Iran.

FYI, Bangash's thoughts are decorated with this, ahem, artwork:
Notice who's pulling the strings. (Funny, but I think that's a clear-cut case of hate speech--though not, of course, the sort that would ever be prosecuted.)

The obvious question: if the Jooos were pulling the strings, why didn't they arrange it so their puppets got a better deal?

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