Monday, August 31, 2015

The OHRC's "Cis"-stemic Silliness

The problem with some "human rights" edicts is that they seem to exist in order to make ordinary, majority behavior seem freakish. Hence this, from the Ontario Human Rights Commission's new policy on "trans" rights:
4.3 Cisnormativity “Cisnormativity” (“cis” meaning “the same as”) refers to the commonplace assumption that all people are “cisgender” (not trans). In other words, their gender identity is in line with or “matches” the sex they were assigned at birth, and everyone accepts this as “the norm.”  The term is used to describe stereotypes, negative attitudes and prejudice towards trans people that are more widespread or systemic in society and its institutions. This form of prejudice may even be unintentional and unrecognized by the person or organization responsible, making it all the more entrenched and difficult to address. 
Got that? The OHRC thinks that heterosexuals are ipso facto "prejudiced" because they are hetero. I think that that is both false and insulting, and that it's time for us heteros to fight back and insist that our "human rights" commissars put a stop to this nonsense.

In other words, that they cease and de-"cis"t.

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