Sunday, August 23, 2015

CNN's Revises History in Doc Exploring Terrorism in The Seventies

Yesterday, I started watching this CNN doc on terrorism in the 1970s, part of CNN's Tom Hanks-produced series The Seventies. I had to stop, though, when the "explanation" (apologia, really) re why Palestinians hijacked airplanes in that decade made me want to hurl.

According to the doc (which was first broadcast last month, but which I watched using my cable TV "Demand" feature), Palestinians had little recourse but to act in this way because no one was paying attention to their "cause"--how they'd been "occupied" for so long by Israel.

The doc's revisionist takeaway: boo, Israel, for bringing this terrorism upon itself via its own "unjust" policies--and let's give those "oppressed" Palestinians a pass.

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