Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Shameful and Shameless Shaming of a Tory M.P. Who's Running for Re-Election

The Megaphone's Neil Flagg flags the disgusting treatment being meted out to Conservative M.P. Mark Adler. His supposed "sin" in the eyes of former small "c" conservative Jonathan Kay and others: Adler, who represents a heavily Jewish riding in Toronto, had the chutzpah to bill himself as the child of a Holocaust survivor. Flagg correctly points out that had a Liberal candidate made his child-of-a-survivor heritage known, he would likely have been applauded, not condemned, and maybe even rewarded with a profile in The Walrus, the unreadable lefty 'zine of which Kay, in his new guise as a shifty "centrist," is editor-in-chief.

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