Saturday, August 22, 2015

Looking At the Iran Nuke Deal Through Anne Frank's Eyes

I have to admit it never occurred to me to do so, but then, unlike Roger L. Simon, I don't happen to be in Amsterdam visiting Anne's House (a shrine often visited by people who despise Israel but who are quite prepared to shed copious crocodile tears for a dead Jewish teenager). Being on the scene inspired Simon to write this:
I wondered what Anne would have thought of this, seventy years out from her death in 1945, all those tourists waiting to weep over her short life, while in today’s world Barack Obama, John Kerry and Wendy Sherman acquiesce to what could become a second Holocaust, and a more immediate one at that. 
The irony that two of these people have Jewish roots would not be lost on her.  Sherman is the daughter of a prominent Jewish family in upstate New York, a former social worker and a graduate of Smith.  She is also the “negotiating genius” behind the nuclear weapons deal with North Korea that left the NORKs armed to the atomic teeth.  You would think that with such a “success” they would have chosen someone different.  But perhaps it was always intended to be this way.
Kerry is, of course, that great “Zionist” who suddenly discovered his Jewish roots when they were exposed to him by a Boston newspaper while he was running for the Senate.  Until then, I guess you could call him Yale’s least curious graduate.   
Is it too extreme to say that Ann knew these types from Auschwitz, where she was transported in 1944, the sonderkommandos and kapos that cooperated with the Nazis in the extermination of their fellow Jews?  I’m sure Sherman and Kerry would recoil at the thought. But not the Ayatollah Khamenei to whose benefit all of their so-called negotiations accrued. 
As for Barack Obama, the less said the better.  This man thinks he knows what’s best for all of us under any conditions.  But those of us who grew up in the Jewish tradition, almost no matter how secular, should recognize Haman when we see him.
Sadly, most American Jews are too invested in their leftist Messiah to recognize the pure evil in his heart.

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