Monday, August 24, 2015

Report: Oprah Gives Stalinesque BDSers the Cold Shoulder

If true, good on her for that. Now, if only she'd get a clue re the Palestinian "narrative":
According to the media watchdog CAMERA, in 2005, Winfrey broadcast a TV documentary, “Oprah Takes You Around the World,” which included a short segment about the Arab-Israeli conflict consisting of one image after another of Israelis carrying weapons against unarmed Palestinians, with no reference to terrorism. That same year, Palestinian victimization at the hands of Israel was alleged in the June issue of “O,” in a 10-page feature entitled “Love and Terror” by David France, the last article of a five-part series on “rescuing the world’s girls.” The article focused on Palestinian grievances against Israel, with no mention of the Israeli victims of Palestinian terror attacks.
That was ten years ago, though. Maybe her push-back against the BDSers indicates that she has smartened up some.

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