Monday, August 17, 2015

An Unfortunate--But Revealing--Juxtaposition in the Canadian Jewish News

In the August 13th issue of the CJN, staffer Daniel Wogelerenter, a self-described "Jewish, progressive, Canadian," questions whether it's a good idea for Jews to support the Conservative Party. Some of his "reasoning":
With all three leading parties strongly declaring their support for the Jewish state – and both Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair having brought the anti-Israel elements of their parties to heel – it’s worth asking if there’s really that much difference between them on Israel?
He's right--it is worth asking that question. And when it comes to Mulcair's Socialists, the answer comes mere pages away in an article which makes clear that not all of his "anti-Israel elements" have been tamed.


The question I would ask re Canada's left-of-center political parties: in light of the left's obvious ideological problem with Israel (a subject tackled in a posthumous essay by that maven of Judenhass, Robert Wistrich), should Canadian Jews expect any left-wing party to favour Israel over enemies bent on its destruction? In the case of Justin Trudeau, who has already stated his (clueless, befuddle-duddled, Obama-like) take on Iran, we already know the answer: it's a big, fat "no".

As for the idea that Jews who support the Tories are "single-issue" voters (the argument one often hears from Wogelerenter and other leftist Jews who bemoan the tribe's rightward drift)--maybe some of them are, but if so, so what? Israel's enemies and Canada's enemies are one and the same, and they would be empowered to a catastrophic degree should they be allowed to expunge the sole outpost of freedom in the Middle East. (Recall how Hitler was empowered pre-WW2 after being allowed to gobble up various parcels of land with complete impunity.)

If the "single issue" amounts to the survival of Western civilization, the better question to ask is how can this not be the issue of our time?

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