Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CJN Letter-Writer "Re-Thinks" the Iran Nuke Deal--and Those Who "Hate" Iran

Here's a good example of how leftist Jews "think":
Re-thinking the Iran deal  
The United States and five other nations have made a treaty to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb for at least 10 years. Republicans in the United States and Orthodox Jews are outraged.   
However, Iran could become an ally of the United States against the Islamic State (ISIS). Canada could also contribute to peace by re-opening its embassy in Tehran. 
By the way, if the Republicans and Prime Minister Stephen Harper both hate Iran, Iran can’t be all bad.  
Manny Winopol
My response: Let me assure Mr. Winopol that "hate" doesn't enter into it, and that plenty of others, including New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, are convinced that the terms of the nuclear treaty favour Iran's megalomaniacal theocrats, which makes it a safe bet that the deal will end up being catastrophic for both Israel and the West.

For that reason here's a better way to look at it: if Barack Obama and John Kerry, neither of whom are exactly stalwart fans of Israel, both love the nuke deal, the deal cannot be good.

Update: Is it okay to "hate" Obama and Kerry for agreeing to a secret side deal with Iran which allows them (and no one else) to "inspect" their nuclear sites to "verify" that no hanky-panky is taking place?
Update: Iran is diabolical--and so are those who serve its interests:
Iran was Hamas’ principal patron through much of the last decade funneling arms and money to the Islamists in Gaza so as to create a southern front against Israel. With Iran’s Hezbollah auxiliaries facing Israel in the north with tens of thousands of terrorist missiles, that gave Tehran a formidable strategic threat against the Jewish state that made its nuclear program even more ominous. But Hamas quarreled with Iran over the Syrian civil war. It sided with fellow Sunni Muslims backing the rebels against the Assad regime that was allied with Iran. 
That split might have remained permanent had President Obama and other Western leaders taken action against Bashar Assad that might matched their rhetoric about him needing to go and the enforcement of “red lines” about his murderous use of chemical weapons. But Obama’s inaction —surely related to his hopes for an eventual détente with Iran that came to fruition with this year’s nuclear agreement — allowed that opportunity to pass. The intervention of Iran and Hezbollah in the war in Syria ensured that Assad would prevail as he split the country with ISIS terrorists rather than other forces that the West might have backed early in the conflict. So Hamas has thrown in the towel and made its peace with Iran. 
That wise strategic move has led to the resumption of the flow of arms, money and equipment to Hamas’s military machine lending credibility to the threat of renewed warfare with Israel. But Iran’s influence goes farther than merely bolstering Hamas. The insult to Abbas, who would probably be as willing to break ranks with other Sunni Muslims to get some love from the ayatollahs, also undermines Fatah’s ability to keep control over its own forces...

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