Saturday, August 22, 2015

Snoresville: Revered, Unread Bore Margaret Atwood Whinges About Hair and "Duffygate" in the NatPo

Atwood's, er, observations, which take the Conservatives to task for pointing out how shiny and bouncy Justin Trudeau's hair is, tries (and fails) to gin up the story into some sort of Watergate clone. Moreover, her hyperventilations bear all the classic signs not only of Harper Derangement Syndrome but of an even broader and longer-lasting ailment--Tory Derangement Syndrome. Hence, this wacky commentary:
Will the Conservatives now lay off the personal-appearance attack stuff? Doubtful: they've got a thing for it. Jean Chretien's paralyzed face, laugh a minute! Trudeau's hair, woo-woo! Who's next? "Nice tits," Elizabeth?"
I must say, compared to most of Atwood's prose, that bit is at least somewhat lively (although I wouldn't submit it for consideration to the Nobel literary prize people).

Update: Oh look--Atwood's do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do piece (she criticizes the Conservatives for mentioning Justin's hair and then goes on to make fun of Stephen Harper's mane) has occasioned a spot of bother in hyperspace. What fun! (And BTW, Margaret, your 'fro has got to go.)

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