Thursday, July 27, 2017

Justin Trudeau: The Rolling Stone Cover That Never Was--But Should Have Been

Would this shot of Justin-the-Pooh, a bear of little brain who wears "Happy Eid" socks to a gay pride parade (seeing no contradiction in displaying such a message at such a venue) have placated Canadian cover-balkers/mockers?

Maybe not. But at least it would have been more honest about where Justin's heart and head are at (i.e. deep in the "diversity" doo doo).

Update: Justin sings!:
Well, I'm a real big talker,
A "progressive" macher,
And I'm loved everywhere I go.
I like "social justice" and hate things that disgust us--
Like the Tories and "Islamopho'".
Yeah, I'm easy on the eyes
But I'm a wearin' a disguise
That makes folks think I know where I'm goin'.
And with Trump seen as zero they have made me a hero,
Put my punim on the Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone--
OMG, that's my picture on the cover!
Rolling Stone--
Hey, I think they once dated my mother.
Look at me, I'm the one you'll see
On the cover of the Rolling Stone...
Update: Teen idol-wise, who do you think is dreamier/has the better hair--Justin Trudeau

or the Boston Bomber?


smc said...

Holy smoke, the Boston bomber is better-looking than Dumbass.

gama said...

- " On the cover of Rolling Stone "-
I wonder how Justin's better-half at Canada's Camelot { Soapie ,the other half of that narcissist tag-team at 24 Sussex Drive } , reacted to being excluded from this high profile notoriety .... hair-brushes must have been flying~!?!
Whenever that narcissist prig suffers negative publicity { payola for Omar } out comes the Progressive MSM lap-dogs to sing his PRAISE ......
The adoring press creating a virtual reality , a tawdry circle-Jerk ..... & the rag Rolling
Stone publically fellates him ....... a Maggie déjà vu .......
WOT! No trigger warning from the Lügenpresse~!?!