Thursday, December 16, 2010

Key Words: Israel, Palestine, Holocaust, Apartheid, Whiteness, Jewish Identity, Anti-Racism, Zionism

And there you have it--the gist of Jenny Peto's master's thesis, thereby sparing you the unpleasantness of wading through her muck.

Speaking of which, the OISE harridan's brother, who lives in Texas and is very "frum," responds to Jenny's using their grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, to justify her Zionhass.

Update: What is it with these lefty chicks playing the granny card?

Update: The appropriate song--revised for OISE chicks:

Grandma got run over by a thesis.
Crackpot Marxist bollocks did the trick.
You may think "white" Jews "misuse" the Shoah.
And if you do, my dear, you're really sick...

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