Sunday, December 26, 2010

Obscurity Becomes Them

After turning nobodies like David Ahenakew and Salman Hossain into somebodies by harping on their hate speech and the need to censor it (a done deal in the former case; a work in progress--to say the least--in the latter, as the hater, being Muslim, was allowed to flee the Trudeaupia and has now set up shop on a Swiss Internet server), a censorship buff finally gets a glimmer of a scintilla of a clue--sort of:
“He [Hossain has] never had any concern for the warrant hanging over his head. He is thumbing his nose at Canadian police and at Interpol. The site is up and gotten even more vile,” said Bernie Farber, chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

“It speaks to the ineffectiveness of the law in terms of trying to deal with modern technology. A lot of the law dealing with hate crimes is based on the fact that people are living in Western countries where the law applies. But Salman Hossain left and is clearly living in a place where Western law and Western mores have no meaning and so he is basically free to post whatever he wants.

“I do believe the law will eventually catch up to him. The more attention we pay to him the larger his legend becomes and really, it’s not worth it. He’s a nobody.”
Exactly. And if he's a nobody, there's really no need to "eventually catch up to him" (unless he commits a real crime, not a virtual one, I mean). Far better to let him lapse into well-deserved obscurity instead of gearing up for another frenzy of censoriousness that harnesses dangerous government mechanisms ("human rights" bodies, FCC Internet regulations, etc.) which can constrain our essential freedoms.


Paul said...

Let's not kid ourselves. He's only a "nobody" NOW, for the simple fact that Salman was able to do a "sharia" sanctioned rehabilitation in Ontario right under Bubble Boy's nose.

And since when is Switzerland NOT a Western country???!!!

Denyse said...

But, Scaramouche, why didn't he think of that sooner? Real harm results from efforts to police the unpoliceable.

The dynamic is this: Policing goes somewhere rather than nowhere. So, unable to plolice the phantasmagoria of fury on the Internet, they fall like thunder on prostrate cranks at home. Meanwhile, the anti-Semite who is a credible threat succeeds in presenting his mental sickness as an instance of multiculturalism.