Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not So Riveting After All

The news that Geraldine Hoff Doyle, said to have inspired the iconic WW2 poster of Rosie the Riveter, has died prompted me to dip into the vault for a favorite parody, from October '09:

Captivated swooners think he’s just Divine.
He’s the brightest guy with the smoothest line.
He’s makin’ history.
He’s such a mystery.
Barry (brrr) the riveting.

Won himself a coveted Nobel Peace Prize
Given out by virtuous Norwegian guys.
Makin’ a speech again.
Moments to teach again.
Barry (brrr) the riveting.

Barry’s middle name is Hussein.
(Shhh! Don’t say it too loud.)
Likes to keep it on the q.t.
'Cept in Muslim places where he says it proud.

America exceptional? Don’t you be absurd.
All the hopeychangers hang on ev’ry word.
Changin’ America
Into Eurabia.
Barry (brrr) the riveting.

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