Sunday, December 26, 2010

The TSA Glee Club

I read yesterday in the Mayan Riviera edition of USA Today that the TSA at Los Angeles airport was singing to holiday travellers (an attempt to have passengers look kindly upon the probe 'n' gropers and all that they do). I'm pretty sure the following bluesy number was not in its repertoire:

Jihad, jihad the whole day long
Just an old hate song
Keeps jihad on their mind.
Talkin' 'bout jihad,
It's a jihad,
They have a bomb.
Come to terrify as mujaheeds throughout time.
Other explanations do--
They're so "poor," misread what's "true".
Still in peaceful dreams review
The contents of your shoes.
It's a jihad, jihad,
No peace, no peace we'll find.
Just an old hate song
Keeps jihad forever on their mind.

Update (so to speak): Also in yesterday's old-news-USA-Today-for-MR-vacationers--two senescent anti-Zionist buttinskies make yet another plea for "peace" between Israelis and Palestinians.

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