Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweden Signs Its Own Death Warrant

Swedish authorites have a completely lame perfectly reasonable explanation for why the Swedish 'sploder was not on their radar. From AP:
Swedish prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand said Monday that authorities are certain the suicide bomber who terrified pre-Christmas shoppers was Abdulwahab, an Iraqi-born Swede who spent much of the past decade in Britain. He said Abdulwahab was completely unknown to Swedish security police before the blasts, which killed the bomber and injured two others.
Lindstrand said officials would look into why he was not on their radar, but pointed out "that he didn't live in Sweden, he lived in the U.K., he left Sweden maybe 10 years ago."

He also said Swedish security was not "a Stasi organization" engaged in analyzing people's Facebook pages.

You mean to say that if, in an effort to protect your populace from a big kaboom, you check out the Facebook pages of Muslims who loudly and proudly proclaim their extremism and desire to wage violent jihad that means you're exactly the same as East Germany's odious secret police?

No doubt about it, Sweden is doomed.

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