Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Person's 'Icon' is Another Person's 'Come Again?'

From the Toronto Sun:
FILM FEAST: How better to celebrate Mordecai Richler in a Los Angeles screening of Barney's Version than to fly in one of the late Canadian writer's favourite foods?

Big slabs of steaming and fragrant Montreal smoked meat -- with the accompanying kosher pickles, rye bread and mustard -- were provided by the Canadian Consulate General of Canada at a private Dec. 2 screening for the new film.
The 200-plus guests, including the film's stars Paul Giammati and Rosamund Pike -- plus the always perky 78-year-old Montreal iconic actress, Ruta Lee -- happily indulged.
"Iconic"? Why? Because she was on some cheesy game shows back in the 70s?

Doesn't take much to be a Canadian "icon," I guess.

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