Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enter If You Dare!

What with Ukrainians and others making waves about what should--and should not--be on display in Canada's "human rights" mausoleum, I thought now might be a good time to put in my own two shekels worth. My suggestion: how about an entire room devoted to the outrageous machinations of Canada's zany "human rights" system--a "Human Rights" Chamber of Horrors, if you will? Exhibits could include:
  • Queen Censor Jennifer Lynch's capacious dossier containing the rude, crude, impudent and politically unacceptable words of Canadians who balk at state censorship (contents redacted, of course, a la the Stasi);
  • The logbook showing the many hundred of hours logged by intrepid CHRC investigators who keep tabs on Canada's "dangerous" bloggers (like BCF);
  • The invoice for $167,000 submitted to the CHRC by PR firm Hill & Knowlton; the company was hired by la Lynch to try to polish her outfit's tarnished image;
  • A copy of the Moon Report calling for an end to Section 13, the censorship provision of Canada's "human rights" statues; for added effect, the report could be covered in cobwebs and dust and placed in a dark corner to symbolize how it has been ignored by the country's legislators;
  • A tuning fork used to evaluate Mark Steyn's "tone" during the Maclean's magazine show trial in a British Columbia kangaroo court;
  • The chair Ezra Levant sat in when he was interrogated by an Alberta "human rights" commissioner; the chair could be accompanied by the "human rights" complaint scrawled in barely-literate English and citing sharia law composed by cuddly Islamist Syed Soharwardy, who was upset that kafir Levant had dared to publish the Danish Mohammad cartoons;
  • The pickle extracted from the backside of Barbara Hall, the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission's Bossyboots-in-Chief.