Monday, December 27, 2010

Same Old Hatred, Brand New Get-Up

In the era of resurgent jihad and UN "human rights" madness, the Jewliminationist wolf makes sure to tart itself up in fleecy "humanitarian" clothing. From FOX News:
Israel is reportedly tracking an Asian aid ship docked in Syria and has announced plans to sail to the Gaza Strip to break the sea blockade over the Palestinian territory.

The Jerusalem Post, citing press reports, said the Asia 1 ship, which is carrying roughly 160 activists, is awaiting approval from the Egyptian government to sail to the port of El Arish en route to Gaza. The ship is reportedly carrying $1 million worth of supplies, including a sizable medical donation from the Iranian Red Crescent.

The group met last week with Hamas' Damascus-based leader Khaled Mashal, and was informed that the Palestinians were "fighting for a real state without any occupation and with Jerusalem as its capital," the Post reports...

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