Monday, December 13, 2010

The Definition of Chutzpah--Ceej Cites Steyn

After going into a long song and dance about the structure of the "new" unified Canadian Jewish public affairs organization (a unification which the National Post reports is on hold for the moment--and maybe forever), the Ceej proposes, natch, that the "new" body
be called “Canadian Jewish Congress.” We believe that the name “Canadian Jewish Congress” has by far the greatest brand equity and name recognition within Canada’s Jewish community, and more importantly with government and the media.2
The "2" refers to this footnoote:
Even Mark Steyn, a staunch critic of Canadian Jewish Congress, calls it “Canada’s most prominent Jewish organization.” (Maclean’s, May 10, 2010)
I venture that this is the Ceej's passive-aggressive way of trying--and failing--to get a bit of its own back vis-a-vis the man who is arguably its most vocal and influential critic. I wonder how Steyn would feel knowing he's being used in this way--as a footnote to bolster the Ceej's case for its continued pre-eminence.

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Paul said...

... it's borderline intellectual fraud.

And for the clearest insight into the Ceej's thinking, "Canadian Jewry" ranks 11th on a list of elevan Service Markets according to their new business plan.

We are talking about the Canadian Jewish Congress, are we not???

(their arrogance knows no obunds.)