Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Thank you, Margaret Wente, for speaking truth to kooky eco-power players. Writes the Globe and Mail's token non-loon re the vacuous "happy talk" that came out of the UN's latest climate change soiree:
Translation: Nothing happened, but we need to save face. See you next year in Durban! Actually, something happened. There were lots of parties with Mexican music and free booze. At the end, everyone agreed to agree next time. One thing they did agree on was a $100-billion transfer of money from rich countries to developing countries – just as soon as they can figure out where the money’s coming from and where it’s going to. If you seriously believe that will ever come to pass, then you probably believe in Tinkerbell.

Why does no one tell the truth? Maybe they believe that, so long as they keep clapping, Tinkerbell won’t die. Even worse, they’d be forced to admit that the hopeless UN climate process, in which they have invested so much lip service, is a ridiculous boondoggle that benefits no one but the vast bureaucracy needed to support it.
The Tinkerbell analogy works for a slew of UN efforts: If you believe that tyrants, despots and sharia-ridden totalitarians belong in charge of world "human rights," then you probably believe in Tinkerbell. If you believe that a "refugee" organization that deals solely with Palestinian "refugees," maintaining them in a permanent state of statelessness, is of benefit to Palestinians and the fraught situation in the Middle East, you probably believe in Tinkerbell. If you believe that empowering an international body in which the unfree nations drastically outnumber the free ones--and can therefore push them around at will--is a net good for mankind, then you probably...etc.

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