Thursday, December 16, 2010

This I Tell You Brother You Can't Have One Without the Other

A jihadi terrorist attack/plot followed, inevitably, by reports about fears re a "backlash"? Why, they go together like love & marriage, a horse & carriage, jihad & sharia. From the Telegraph:
...Meanwhile a close friend of the family who has spoken to [Stockholm 'sploder Taimur] Abdulwahab’s father, Thamer, said: “The family are absolutely devastated by what has happened. They are thinking about leaving Sweden because they don't feel they can stay here now.
“Taimur's older sister Tamara has not dared go back to work and his 16-year-old sister Tara has stayed home from school.

“They are worried there might be a backlash from right wing extremists.”
Of course they are. And, of course, they don't appear at all concerned about the 'sploder's helper(s), who police believe are still at large.

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