Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who Is Barosco Porco?

Sure beats the heck out of me. But someone with that name and a freaky looking mask avatar shows up as a friend on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights facebook page. Variations of the same avatar show up under various (obviously fake) names--Heman Von Rompuy, Herman Rompuy Von,  Barosco Corleone--on the Federation of Internation Human Rights Museums facebook page. And guess what? All these freaky mask dudes (or dudettes) "like" WikiLeaks and list WikiLeaks' Julian Assange as a friend on their facebook pages.

Now that I'm thoroughly creeped out, I think I'll go watch something mindless on TV to try to drive all those freaky masks out of my head.

Update: Just in time for New Year's Eve--a whole buncha freaky Guy Fawkes masks.


Blazingcatfur said...

Barosco Porco is the peoples liberator in the true bolivarian tradition of anarcho socialism.

scaramouche said...

Good to know. And Herman Von Rompuy is the head of the EU. But who are these pretenders? Part of Assange's WikiLeaks brigade? And what are they doing on these human rights museum sites?

As I said, creepy.

Anonymous said...

they are anonymous or anonymous wannabes, trolling teh intarwebz for assange and the lulz. the masks are supposed to be guy fawkes for some reason.
best wishes in the ny.

scaramouche said...

Thanks for the info, king. Guy Fawkes--wasn't he the guy who blew up the English parliament way back when? Hope Assange's asswipes aren't quite as explosive.