Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feel the Mausoleum 'Love'

Another reason why I think a "museum" for "human rights" is a terrible idea: because it's a really a museum that enshrines the pecking order of victimhood. And, as per this in the National Post, Canadian Ukrainians, for one, are upset that their victimization/forced starvation--known as the Holodomor--isn't getting its fair due:
A national organization representing Ukrainian-Canadians wants the federal government to step in and switch some of the people deciding the content, layout and governance of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
In a report issued Saturday, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress says the museum's board and committees are "dominated by friends and supporters of the Asper Foundation" and lack objectivity.

The Winnipeg-based congress posted its report after reading in the Winnipeg Free Press about the museum's final content advisory committee report. The committee calls for only two permanent galleries in the museum: one for the Holocaust and the other for Canada's indigenous people.

The Congress wrote to several Cabinet ministers to complain that the genocide-famine in Soviet Ukraine and the national internment of Canadians during the First and Second World wars aren't getting permanent exhibits.

"It's a very emotional issue for a number of people," said Taras Zalusky, the UCC's executive director in Ottawa.

The Congress is urging people to write to their MPs and federal Heritage Minister James Moore and demand a change in the makeup of the museum's governance and advisory committees.

"We'll only get one chance to make sure it's done right," said Mr. Zalusky.

However, a museum spokeswoman said plans for the permanent exhibits haven't been finalized. "The content of the museum is not set in stone," said Angela Cassie...
Anyone else see the dark humor here--the Ukrainians, who indeed have a point about their victimization getting short shrift, but who aren't exactly known for their love of Jewry, want to toss out the Asper Museum Joooos who've put the Holocaust ahead of the Holodomor?

Isn't is nice how the mausoleum is bringing all us Canadians together?

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