Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Case of the Inmates Running the Asylum--and Imposing Sharia Rules on Everyone

Islamic extremists threaten to stab fellow inmates who eat pork in front of them at one of Britain's toughest jails, a prisoner has claimed.
The 'long serving prisoner' at HMP Long Lartin said cooking pork at the communal kitchen is 'deemed dangerous, even a threat to your life'.
The anonymous man made the claims in a letter to prisoners' magazine Inside Time.
He claims inmates at the jail are being radicalised but the issue is not being addressed by prison bosses.
'Terror' preacher Abu Hamza and radical cleric Abu Qatada have both been held at the prison.  
The inmate wrote: 'The kitchen is usually occupied by 90 per cent Muslims and we have been told if we cook pork we will be stabbed. There have been incidents here where people have been targeted and pressured and bullied into converting to Islam. 
'Young Muslim men are being radicalised in here and one day they may commit acts of terrorism in this country.  
'There seems to be nothing being done here to stop it and people are scared to speak out.' 
The man also claimed Muslim inmates celebrated the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby at the Category A prison...

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