Sunday, July 14, 2013

Israel in the Crosshairs of Saudi Arabia and Iran

One might impute it to a Sunni-Shia thing were it not for the unfortunate fact that the Wahhabis (like the Khomeinists) seem intent on obliterating what both are wont to call "the Zionist entity":
Saudi Arabia has built missile launch pads that target both Iran and Israel with ballistic missiles, according to imagery and analysis by IHS Jane's, the British security consultancy. 
While IHS Jane's analysts did not see actual missiles, the sites include command and control facilities and underground bunkers that likely conceal missiles and launchers nearby, said Allison Puccioni, a senior image analyst at IHS Jane's. 
The discovery is a sign that Saudi Arabia has prepared for the possibility that Iran will become a nuclear power, and it's a reminder that a decades-long truce between Saudi Arabia and Israel is just that, and not a peace treaty, says Michael Rubin, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute who briefs members of the U.S. military on Iran. 
The Saudis' "predominant fear is that Iran will become a nuclear power," Rubin said. "They're showing they're serious."... 
 If they were really serious, they'd work with Israel, not against it.

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