Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sometimes Kiwis Come Through for OISE's Alleged Kiddie Porn Fan Benjamin Levin--and Sometimes They Don't

Former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education Benjamin Levin, a key member of unelected Premier Kathleen Wynne's "transition" team, was charged with his crimes when police in New Zealand alerted authorities here:
Levin was arrested following what police called a multijurisdictional investigation that spanned from New Zealand to England to London, Ont. In New Zealand, an undercover officer allegedly was passed “child abuse materials” by a suspect believed to be in Toronto, senior inspector Jon Peacock told the Star. The internal affairs department that deals with online child abuse sent that information to Toronto police.
Oddly enough, Dr. Levin (he has a PhD from OISE) recommends this link to the New Zealand Best Evidence Synthesis Program on an OISE/U of T website.

The program has nothing to do with kiddie porn, of course, but it's ironic that evidence from New Zealand was, er, synthesized and may prove to be Liberal Levin's undoing.

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