Monday, July 8, 2013

"What Ted's Case Does is Demonstrate How Vulnerable a Small Business is to Frivolous Complaints"

Gator Ted "wins" as Ontario's "human rights" 'roos throw out the complaint brought against him brought by an irate customer who wanted to spark up his medicinal doobies at Ted's restaurant. Of course, Ted didn't really win, since, as we know, the process is the punishment, and in Ted's case the punishment was drawn out over eight years and cost Ted lots of coin, money he can't get back, while the complainant's legal fees were comped by the taxpayer.

Update: In what must be described as an example of Soviet-style obfuscation/communication, one of the things the Ontario Human Rights Tribunals claims to strive for is--wait for it--"timeliness." I'm sure that will come as news to Gator Ted, who spent two years shy of a decade and his own hard-earned dollars fighting a ludicrous and specious complaint.

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