Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hilarious--Harpoon Siddiqui Thinks Democracy Was "Evolving" in Egypt Under the MuBros

The Toronto Star's resident apologist for all things Islamic/ist has another hissy fit about the deposed Morsi and Co.:
Morsi was incompetent and made grave mistakes. But the coup is a far greater crime. He and the Brotherhood would have self-destructed. By strangling that natural democratic evolution, Egypt is going down a dangerous alley — and with it those who are following its generals.
Dear Harpoon: the only thing Egypt was "evolving" (mutating) into under the MuBros was another wretched sharia entity.

Update: Re the malevolent MuBros, I think a Jew has a better handle on it:
While the State Department and White House played footsies with the Brotherhood in Egypt, the group used its newfound legitimacy to expand its campaign of destabilization across the Middle East. Muslim Brotherhood front groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America often threaten to label any criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood and its agenda “Islamophobic,” and that’s enough to cow the White House and State Department. It’s hard to accuse any Arab state of “Islamophobia,” however. Perhaps, then, rather than vacillate about the group’s downfall in Egypt, the United States should take a hint from those who know the group best, cheer their downfall, and work to roll back the group further in places like Gaza, Turkey, and Tunisia.

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