Monday, July 8, 2013

Is Arab Spring-Like Violence About to Bloom Here?

An expert on the subject issues this warning:
One would expect that Muslim immigrants, whose children were born in the West, would adapt, become part of the Western society and partake of its freedom — otherwise, why did they immigrate? What we see, however, is the opposite. The beheading of a British soldier in London, and the murder of a soldier in France, are only the beginning of a wave of violence and a dictatorship of fundamentalists who will call the tune. The wave of riots and vandalism carried out by Muslim immigrants in France in 2005 was just a hint at what is to come. The immigrants are brainwashed in the mosques, the madrasas [Islamic religious schools] and informal discussion groups, all of which represent the West as worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.
How can that be when the Trudeaupian doctrine of multiculturalism tells us that everyone's culture/creed/belief system is equally terrific--and equally benign? The person who says such things must be an egregious "Islamophobe," because if she isn't the truth about fallout from unfettered immigration is too awful to contemplate. ;)

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