Thursday, July 11, 2013

Degrassi Junior High Fanatic Determined to Map Out Locales from His Favorite TV Show

I'd file this one under "Get a Life, Dude":
It starts with a small detail: a distinctive tree, an oddly shaped window or a passing streetcar. 
After he’s scanned an episode of Degrassi Junior High for clues like these, Brian Donnelly heads to Google Street View and virtually walks the streets from one end of the city to another until he finds what he’s looking for. 
Once he thinks he’s found a spot where a scene from Degrassi Junior High was filmed, he heads there by bike and photographs what it looks like today, posting the results on his blog, 
Degrassi is still chugging ahead — the 13th season of its latest incarnation premieres Thursday, July 11, on MuchMusic — but Donnelly is going back in time. For the last two years, he’s been mapping every spot where Degrassi Junior High filmed its three seasons. In the process, he’s creating a record of how Toronto has changed in the last quarter-century...
In the process, he's lost two whole years of his life.

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