Sunday, July 28, 2013

“It’s Not the Palestinians Who are Essentially Holding Up the Peace Process, It Is Israel”

Peter Beinart says the dumbest thing ever; Harpoon Siddiqui high-fives it (of course).

Update: Here's my letter to Harpoon's employer:
Haroon Siddiqui salutes Peter Beinart for being able to criticize Israel without "demonizing" it. But since Beinart asserts that Israel alone is responsible for impeding the progress of peace with the Palestinians--a claim that is both demonstrably bogus and a gross distortion of the facts--isn't that precisely what he's doing?  Obviously, if Israel is viewed as being the one and only bad guy, it is ipso facto the "demon" of the narrative, even if the "d" word is never actually deployed.

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