Friday, July 12, 2013

Has the Turmoil/Mass Killings in Egypt Had the Least Bit of Impact on Silly Flotilla Folk?

Nuh-uh. The Lord told 'em to build an arky-arky, and, by gum, that's what they're doing:
Canadian, European, and Palestinian activists plan to launch a flotilla – dubbed “Gaza’s Ark” – from Gaza to Europe carrying produce and textiles, with the goal of raising awareness of the strife caused by Israel’s illegal blockade of the territory.
Charlie Anderson, a Swedish activist in Gaza, said that a fishing boat would be converted to a cargo vessel, and that it would depart for Europe in September carrying Gazan agricultural produce and textiles in the hope of raising awareness of how the illegal blockade has severely reduced the quality of life in Gaza...
Something that has also "severely reduced the quality of life" there: Egyptians severely reducing the number of living Hamasniks. Where's the flotilla protest about that?

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