Wednesday, July 17, 2013

After Giving Props to the Judicial Process in the Zimmerman Case, Obama Siccs His DOJ on Zimmerman

A new low for the Obami, I'd say.


Carlos Perera said...

No one should be surprised by the vicious racial revanchism involved here. Obama's m.o. is to make soothing noises to lull the honkies, just before he lets loose with his latest racialist or socialist bomb. And Holder doesn't even bother to hide his racialist neuroses; he goes after the honkies with all the legal(ist) weapons at his disposal because he can and it feels good. (Maybe he's more than a bit insecure about his "blackness.") And, as a bonus, persecuting Zimmerman, even if a guilty verdict for civil rights violations is highly unlikely, is both psychically satisfying and provides raw meat for this Administration's core constituency of core constituencies.

scaramouche said...

This Administration is sick--and sickening.