Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In a Make-Work Project for Herself and her "Human Rights" Racket, Barbara Hall Puts the Screws to Small Businesses in Ontario

More "human rights" nonsense from "human rights" diva Hall:
Employers and professional regulators who require “Canadian experience” from newcomers when they apply for a job or accreditation could run afoul of Ontario’s Human Rights Code. 
The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) on Monday launched a new policy directive denouncing the requirement for so-called “Canadian experience” as discriminatory. 
Although employers and professional regulatory bodies can’t exclude anyone based on race, ancestry, colour, place of origin and ethnic origin, the new policy targets the requirement that newcomers have Canadian experience when searching for jobs and professional accreditation. 
“Some employers are using the Canadian experience requirement as a proxy for discrimination, which they know is illegal. But even when hidden, discrimination in employment is still against the law,” OHRC Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall told a news conference. 
“The policy we are launching can help remove these barriers and give employers and regulatory bodies the tools they need to respect human rights. The starting point . . . is a simple one: insisting on Canadian experience is discrimination under the Human Rights Code.”...
You mean having work experience in, say, Somalia is the same as work experience in Canada? That would only be fair in Canadians can go to Somalia and, without any local experience at all, set themselves up as pirates. ;)

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