Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Barbara Hall and Her Ontario "Human Rights" Chuckleheads Have Great Fun at Our Expense

Ever wondered how the province's well-compensated "human rights" commissars spend their day? Here's a window into the hilarity and mirth that's apparently part of the job:
The staff at the Ontario Human Rights Commission held a joking contest to see if anyone could come up with a job that genuinely requires Canadian experience. 
What about a Zamboni driver, someone asked. That was quickly laughed out of contention. There are ice rinks from Dubai to Durban. 
What about a regulator administering an arcane branch of Canadian law? Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall had a five-word answer: “Knowledge of Canadian law required.” 
As the game went on, the entries became far-fetched. What about an entomologist studying an indigenous beetle on a unique rock formation somewhere in the Canadian Shield? Everybody rolled their eyes. 
The contest ended without a winner...
Wrong. The winner is....(envelope, please): the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which has come up with yet another way to push us around--and justify its benighted existence.

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