Thursday, July 11, 2013

Same Old Rogues Gallery at That Embodiment of "Diversity," the UN "Human Rights" Council

UN pundit Claudia Rosett drolly calls it Groundhog Day:
Yes, folks, it’s about time for the United Nations to produce its next slate of candidates for election to 14 of the 47 member seats on the UN’s Geneva-based Human Rights Council. Not that the UN seems in a hurry to advertise the candidates, but Geneva-based UN Watch has the scoop. So, guess who’s in the running…
A) Cuba 
B) Saudi Arabia
C) China
D) Russia
E) Chad
F) Vietnam
G) All of the Above (plus maybe Syria and Iran, though these have yet to be confirmed)
A no-brainer, I know. It’s obviously G, and in the spirit of the UN brand of human rights diversity, we might well ask what kind of bigotry is at work that the UN has failed to flatter North Korea with a place on this list...

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