Thursday, August 22, 2013

Backwoods Bernie Wants the Canadian Jewish News to Become...More Like Him

It isn't nearly progressive/Peter Beinart-y enough, claims the ex-Official Jew, who, in his current incarnation--he's now a Jioux, apparently--is pushing for what happened to Canada's Aboriginals to be declared an official genocide (via FFF):
Bernie Farber, the former head of the lobby group Canadian Jewish Congress, said the Canadian Jewish News plays a pivotal role in the Jewish community. Farber said he hopes the new version of the paper includes more diverse views and daily stories that attract younger readers. 
The print edition of CJN has been “very stilted for a very long period,” said Farber.  
“There are a lot of young Jewish academics, students and others who consider themselves Zionists but see themselves as socially progressive and different from their parents and they have to have a perch from which they are able to speak. And I think the CJN can offer them that freedom or perch and they should, and I look forward to them doing so.”
Speaking of "stilted," that is. Extremely. Making BB a perfect candidate for a regular, er, perch in the "new" CJN. He could even borrow the Backwoods Bernie moniker, if he'd like.


mrzee said...

I think some of the problems the CJN has are because a lot of young people are less "progressive" than their parents and the CJN has never really catered to that.

scaramouche said...

Maybe. I think it was more that print media in general are having a harder time of making a go of it, and the CJN was not exactly the most efficient of operations.