Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just in Time for Valentine's Day: Love TDSB Style

The TDSB's ongoing bullying obsession continues to be completely over the top:
A few years back, the Arts Department at Central Commerce Collegiate (CCC) started the first of what has become an annual fundraising/social consciousness campaign with a “We Take No BULL-ying” message, featuring student poster designs, stickers, graffiti murals and t-shirt designs.

For 2014, CCC students were inspired by the closing line “Choose Love” from the school’s play Romea (sic) and Juliet, which brings awareness surrounding LGBTQ issues and in support of same-sex couples. T-shirts were designed once again and students had an opportunity to work alongside photographer Cory VanderPloeg from the collective Hermann and Audrey. This year’s campaign shoot took place within the halls of Central Commerce CI. 
The arts department rebranded itself as the “HeARTs Department” as students continue to collaborate with one another, additional departments such as Leadership and Phys-Ed, and creative professionals in the community on a number of projects...
What about all the other kinds of kids who get bullied--the fatties, the pizza-faced, the misfits, the nerds? Where's the "We Take No BULL-ying"/"Choose Love" awareness-raising campaign for them?

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